The Plagued States of America Series

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Hart Throbbed
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Plagued States of America Origins, Book 1

Leave it to Hollywood to start the zombie apocalypse.

When Infinity Pictures leases an entire passenger train to film its latest blockbuster, the cast and crew of the zombie action movie Hart Throbbed climb aboard for an express ride to hell, compliments of a nefarious Breckenrock subsidiary illegally transporting damaged spent fuel rod containers from the local nuclear reactor facility. With only hours to retake their runaway train bound for St. Louis, Jason Hart and the rest of the cast take a crash course in method acting by battling for survival against patient zero and the horde of zombies spawned along the way. In this prequel to the Plagued States of America series, the origins of zombie half-breed Penelope Hope are finally known.

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The Midamerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment read the first chapters...

Book 1 of the Plagued States of America series

In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, the humans won by creating a moat surrounding the Plagued States of America. Now zombies roam freely and only the most fearless of hunters venture in, but they don’t hunt to kill. Zombie labor is too valuable a commodity. That’s why Tom has come to one of only three sanctioned outposts along the Moaning Coast, to check their sales records in the hopes of finding his lost sister. What he finds instead is a mysterious half-breed zombie woman who may know where she is. When the township is overrun by zombies, Tom, the half-breed, and a group of grizzled zombie hunters must fend for themselves in order to survive not only the zombie horde, but the military gunships trying to wipe out the infection.

This debut book by Better Hero Army stands to become the start of one of the best new zombie series with its action-packed story, great characters, and twists that keep you on your toes and breathless to the very end.

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The Rock Island Zombie Counteractant Experiment read the first chapters...

Book 2 of the Plagued States of America series

Since the destruction of Biter's Hill, the world has watched America with renewed fear that the zombie plague may not be completely contained. Amidst this international turmoil, a disillusioned Army Ranger named Mason Jones is assigned to the Rock Island Prison Defense facility, a place known inside the Plagued States of America as Biter's Island. Mason is exposed to the zombie containment program that transitions zombies from dangerously infectious beasts into docile, trainable merchandise used for labor. But when a mysterious accident occurs during his watch, Mason finds himself relying on the only person on Biter's Island he knows he can't trust.

This second installment of the Plagued States of America series by Better Hero Army picks up the baton left by the first book, with new characters and heart-pounding action in a story that is sure to leave readers wondering what can possibly happen next.

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The Ironville Zombie Quarantine Retraction Experiment read the first chapter...

Book 3 of the Plagued States of America series

With the recent destruction of Biter's Hill and Biter's Island, the last remaining sanctuary for uninfected humans inside the quarantine zone stands alone against the seemingly endless zombie horde. Tom and Penelope, survivors of the destruction at Biter's Hill, have taken up residence inside the Elevated Platform Station at Biter's Bend in the hopes of rehabilitating Penelope from her half-breed zombie past. Their plans of a normal life are put on hold, however, when Army Ranger Mason Jones arrives seeking asylum from the very man rallying against him, Tom's own father. When Tom's father's helicopter crashes deep inside the quarantine zone, Tom and Penelope enlist Mason Jones and other survivors of Biter's Island on a mission to rescue him.

This third installment of the critically acclaimed Plagued States of America series brings the return of zombie half-breed Penelope Hope, joining forces with Army Ranger Mason Jones for another edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.

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The Battle Creek Zombie Rectification Experiment read the first chapter...

Book 4 of the Plagued States of America series

Now that Larissa Jefferson, the poster-child of successful zombie curative research, has been safely rescued from the Quarantine Zone, the country is poised to take back the Plagued States and once again make America great. But not everyone wants to put an end to the plague, it seems, and when zombie research scientist Doctor Wendy O’Farrell is abducted by fanatics who live deep within the Quarantine Zone, she must struggle to protect the recently cured daughter of the Senator while being forced to deliver a curative to the infected friends and family of her mad captors.

In this action-packed installment of the popular Plagued States of America series by Better Hero Army, zombie research scientist Doctor Wendy O'Farrell finally gets her chance at revenge for the murder of the man she loved.

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The Angel Rise Zombie Retribution Experiment read the first chapters...

Book 5 of the Plagued States of America series

When unknown assailants destroy the Elevated Platform Station, the last safe harbor inside the zombie quarantine zone, Hank Opland finds himself abandoned with Senator Jefferson’s youngest son and the half-breed zombie woman Penelope Hope. Together they must survive and find a way across the channel to safety, but returning to the Rurals is a bittersweet experience when Hank’s past comes back to haunt him, and he must put his life on the line if he wants to save the very people he has been hunting out of existence for the past seven years.

The final installment to what critics and readers agree is one of the best zombie series of books today delivers all the action, excitement, and character-driven story you've come to expect from a Better Hero Army novel.

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