Where Readers Find Their Fuel

The Better Hero Army mission is simple: deliver enjoyable stories.

My slogan, "Where Readers Find Their Fuel," embodies the mission.

The books I write are for readers hungry for something new in what they already love.

So why the weird name?

Two reasons: (1) because I (the author, Evan Ramspott) didn't want to confuse my mainstream fiction readership with works that may not be appealing to them, and (2) to create a brand that is easily identifiable by those who love genre fiction.

Behind The Scenes

The Plagued States of America series is edited by Jinxie G.
The artwork for Girlgoyle and Stonewing was created by Miimork.
The artwork for Wingless and Archraven was created by Cherriuki.
Cover art for the Hollow Mountain Butterfly books created by Guweiz and Alex Chow.
Cover art for Soldierina created by Chris Cold.