Where Readers Find Their Fuel

The Better Hero Army mission is simple: deliver enjoyable stories.

My slogan, "Where Readers Find Their Fuel," embodies the mission.

The books I write are for readers hungry for something new in what they already love.

So why the weird name?

Two reasons: (1) because I (the author, Evan Ramspott) didn't want to confuse my mainstream fiction readership with works that may not be appealing to them, and (2) to create a brand that is easily identifiable by those who love genre fiction.

Behind The Scenes

Better Hero Army book covers are designed by R Mind Book Cover Design. Check out their portfolio at http://book.dreamcatcherkr.com/.

The Plagued States of America series is edited by Jinxie G. Check out her amazing portfolio at http://jinxiesworld.com/editing/.

The artwork for Girlgoyle was created by Miimork. Check out her breathtaking portfolio at http://miimork.deviantart.com/.

The artwork for Wingless was created by Cherriuki. Check out her stunning portfolio at http://cherryrabbit.net/.

Cover art for all Hollow Mountain Butterfly books created by Guweiz. Check out his sweet portfolio at http://guweiz.deviantart.com/.